YEAR END REPORT, Fiscal year July 1, 2018 — June 30, 2019 (includes Hurricane Florence)

“The Church and our assigned Mission are financially sound, with bills paid, on time, and cash in our checking accounts to cover two months of projected expenses. In addition, we have growth-related long-term savings to achieve the Parish Council five-year growth plan.” (Mark Hopkins)

Our performance against Budgeted revenue was negative for the year, but we were able to exceed actual expenses and make deposits to grow our long-term savings accounts.

  • Actual Operating Revenue — $150,415
  • Actual Full Year Expenses — $135,264
  • Cash on Hand (Checking) — $ 35,380
  • Total Growth (Building Fund) — Available upon request
  • Campaign Savings with Interest — $33,677

The most recent audit was December 2018 and the next audit is projected to be in the first quarter 2020.

Santa Clara Mission has corrected their financial position to positive cash flow, with cash in checking and savings, enabling them to pay all of their operating expenses and have money in a savings account.

The 2019-2020 budget is a no growth budget (i.e. +1.7% over last year ACTUAL). Thank you for “giving back to God what you feel is appropriate for your circumstances.”

Questions/comments are welcome and may be directed to Mark Hopkins at or 285-2830/910-305-1396.

Respectfully submitted,

Father Fernando Melendez, Pastor, Administrator

Mark Hopkins, Chair, Finance Committee