Investing Our Talents

Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of services, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who activates all of them in everyone.

I Corinthians 12:4-6 NRSV

Transfiguration of Jesus Catholic Church has established various ministries and committees to enable us to use those gifts to work toward its mission of :

  • supporting the worship of God as the focus of parish life;
  • promoting a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith;
  • fostering a deeper unity and stronger fellowship within the parish;
  • enabling the lay faithful to become bearers of Jesus Christ in word and deed; and
  • reaching out to assist and support those less fortunate.

One of the strengths of our parish is that we come from many different parishes both nationally and internationally. This influx brings new ideas that build on the foundation of what has been done before.

We ask that you give prayerful consideration to what gifts you are willing to share with us in achieving our mission. Our ministries and committees are described below with the name(s) and contact information of those responsible for the ministry.



Accounting AdministratorDiocesan Parish Accounting Service

To assist the pastor and the Finance council in the efficient and effective handling of church financial matters.

Adoration of the Holy Eucharist :  Donna Schulz (285-0711)

Spend time in adoration before the Lord once a week for an hour or volunteer to be a substitute as needed.

Altar Guild / Sacristan : Tish Vandiver (285-4737) and Barbara Crecco (665-1231)

Ensure the altar is properly supplied and arranged for Mass, take care of altar linens, set up for special liturgical celebrations such as Holy Thursday and Christmas. Ensure the Sacristy is supplied with the necessary items.

Altar Servers : VACANT

Assist the priest in the celebration of Mass


Bereavement : Julie Couch (271-6808)

Liaise with bereaved families regarding funeral Mass and reception

BulletinFather Randy (

Facilitate communication within the parish by compiling a weekly bulletin


Calendar : Father Randy (

Ensure the calendar in the bulletin is current; publish a monthly calendar for insertion into the website.

Communication (Email, Voicemail, Facebook) : VACANT

Alert parish to breaking events and review incoming church emails and voicemails for appropriate disposition; as needed, post Facebook items :

Computer Security : John McCarthy (285-5194)

Periodically review the computer hardware, software and other electronic equipment serving the church and the pastor to ensure that it is configured to met our needs, making recommendations for upgrades as appropriate


Easter Egg Hunt : Julie Couch (271-6808)

Foster a time honored tradition for the children of the parish

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Readers, Greeters : Rosanna Hirshkind (471-8647) or ( 

Assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and bring the sacrament to the sick and homebound; read scripture at Mass; assist in seating parishioners and guests at Mass when needed.


Faith Formation (Adults and Children) : Patty George (512-0631) or (

Prepare those who wish to be confirmed in the Catholic faith in the tenets of that faith; offer opportunities to reinforce that faith, especially during Lent and Advent.

Fathers’ DayVACANT

Celebrate the fathers and men of the parish with a breakfast

Fellowship : Karen Lutze (740-973-7732) or (

Feed Our Hungry Children : Julia Callahan (285-0503) or Enrica Troy (609-529-7025)

Attend quarterly meetings of this ecumenical group serving the needs of hungry children in Duplin County

Finance Council : Chair, Mike Orlowski

Plan, provide for, and supervise the temporal affairs of the Parish

First Sunday Breakfast and Other Social Events : Diana Conte (665-1309)

Help coordinate monthly breakfasts and fellowship; also help ensure that our kitchen and paper supplies are well stocked


Greeters : Kaye Pulzone (463-1218)

Ensure a warm welcome to parishioners and others who visit our parish

Greetings : Lillian Jimenez (910-665-1138) ( and Susan Vertolli (910-285-1943) (

Send cards for special occasions and to those in need of prayer and comfort. Greetings are offered to parishioners and their immediate families for sickness, sympathy, relocation,
encouragement during difficult times, and significant birthdays and anniversaries. Greeting requests should be sent to both Lillian and Susan.


Hispanic : Luis Galan (271-4200) or ( or (

Actively work with and integrate our Spanish speaking parishioners into all aspects of parish life through registration and volunteering

Historian : Julia Callahan (285-0503) or  (

Create and maintain a pictoral and narrative record of parish history; document significant activities and events in the growth of Transfiguration of Jesus Catholic Church

Homebound Eucharistic Ministry : Rosanna Hirshkind (471-8647)

Deliver the Precious Body and Blood to those who cannot come to Mass


Key ManagementVACANT

Maintain awareness of who has keys to various offices and facilities of the parish; with the pastor, determine need for access to various rooms on church property

Knights of Columbus : Will Vertolli, Grand Knight, (910-285-1943) or (

Join this active fraternal organization of Catholic men whose work focuses on four principles: charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism


Lighthouse : Sheila Bertoldi (410-979-8200)

Using the Lighthouse CD series, create opportunities for parishioners and others to strengthen their knowledge and experience in their faith; join in monthly gatherings to discuss them

Liturgy : Rosanna Hirshkind (471-8647) or (

Serve the pastor and parish in matters relating to our liturgies; support leaders of seven other groups: Adoration, Altar Guild/Sacristan, Altar Servers, Greeters, Homebound Ministry, Magnificat, and Music, as needed


Magnificat : Peggy Dale (284-2067) or (

Assist parishioners in subscribing to the Magnificat, an inspirational tool published monthly with daily mass readings, prayer, and reflections.

Maintenance : Paul Lonsway (285-5982)

Assist in keeping the church and grounds clean and neat; coordinate with Parish Council needed repairs and upgrades

Mothers’ DayVACANT

Celebrate the mothers and women of the parish

Music : Lara Capparuccia (910-324-5540)

Add to the beauty of the Mass by singing with our choir on Saturday or Sunday; participate in Christmas concert


Office Administrator :  VACANT

Assist the pastor in the efficient and effective administration of church matters


Parish CouncilChair, Karen Lutze (740-973-7732) or (

To advise the pastor in matters of import to the parish and enhance the decision making process of planning and goal setting, improving pastoral services, and developing, implementing and evaluating program effectiveness

Prayer ShawlAngela Smith

Knit or crochet prayer shawls to provide comfort to those in need or joy on special occasions

Prayer TreeMaureen Goodwin (240-252-9727) maureengoodwin65@gmail.comDonna Davis (910-285-5326), and Cheryl Partyka (910-285-6661)

Join the prayer tree electronically to pray for those with special needs

Prison Ministry in Pender, Duplin, and Sampson Counties : Deacon Mike Vandiver (285-4737)

Minister spiritually to those in prison

Publicity : Julia Callahan (285-0503) or

To ensure the public knows there is an active Catholic Church in the area, draft, coordinate and submit articles and pictures for the local newspaper


Registration : Elaine Masinick (

Maintain accurate records of registered parishioners and create reports to the Diocese as required


Safe Environment : Fran Braks (401-465-1887)

Provide training to parishioners who, as part of their volunteer work deal with children

Scheduling : Maureen McCarthy (285-5194)

To support parishioners’ experience at liturgy and practice of their faith by scheduling the greeters, readers, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC).


Transportation : Donna Davis(


Vocation Liaison : VACANT

Maintain communication between our priest and deaconate candidates and the parish

Volunteer to help with one or more of the many events throughout the year : Karen Lutze (740-973-7732)

Christmas dinner, Feast of the Transfiguration Celebration, Heritage Month feast, etc :


Webmaster : Cheryl Homan (419-236-8372) or (

Develop, maintain and update a useful, informative website to enable those looking for a Catholic church will know who we are, what we do, and what kind of activities we, as a parish, are engaged in

Welcome : Kaye Pulzone (463-1218) or (

Welcome people to the parish, ensure they are registered, and help them get involved in the parish. Update the Welcome Packet, as needed

Women of Transfiguration Church : Cheryl Partyka, President ( 

All women of the church that are 18 years and older are welcome.  Mission is to unite Transfiguration of Jesus Catholic women in spiritual and social initiatives, identify outreach opportunities and provide the parish with required help and support.