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Please join us for our next social and fun day on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 10 AM in the Parish Hall for Krazy Kards.  There will be a $5 donation for each participant (adults only).  Monies collected will be used to start our Treasury which will go to charity and/or Transfiguration Church needs.  RSVP to Cheryl Partyka via email at no later than Tuesday, Feb 4th to reserve your spot.


Women of Transfiguration Church 2020 Program Schedule 

Women of Transfiguration Church 2020 Refreshment Schedule 



Thirty-one (31) ballots were cast . . . Catholic Daughters received 3 votes; National Council of Catholic Women received 1 vote; Parish Focused group received 27 votes . . . Thank you for voting!!   A letter was sent to the Diocese outlining our intentions and asking for Diocesan blessing on our group.  Click here to see Bishop Zarama’s response.  

Officers for 2020 were confirmed at the December meeting:

          President                  Patsy Harran

          Vice President         Cheryl Partyka

          Treasurer                 Diana Conti   

          Secretary                  Cheryl Homan

A draft of the Guidelines was approved at the January meeting and will be forwarded to Father Randy and then to Bishop Zarama for final approval.

The Program Committee discussed the planned 2020 activities at the January meeting.  Click here for the 2020 schedule.

Per vote of those present at the January meeting, our official organizational name is “Women of Transfiguration Church”, abbreviated “WOTC”.



The ladies of Transfiguration met on January 14th.  Following the business meeting, Trisha Dean provided a very informative presentation on NICU.  For more details, see the meeting minutes.   



Father Fernando celebrated his last Mass at Transfiguration on Saturday, December 14, 2019.  A well attended Fare Thee Well reception hosted by the Transfiguration Women followed.  Special thanks to Rosanna Hirschkind, the visionary behind the event, and to the setup crew, cooks, serving team, and cleanup crew.  Father was very appreciative and the personal speeches were heartfelt and touching.





We had a wonderful morning on December 10th, reflecting on Advent and how we can integrate what Jesus taught us into our lives.  The retreat we viewed can be found at  Click on Retreat Guides and go to “The Art of Waiting: A Retreat Guide for Advent”.



The Ladies of Transfiguration met on November 12th.  After a short business meeting, Peggy Dale and Cheryl Partyka led the group in the making of lovely Christmas Angels.  Click here for more details.  




The Transfiguration Women hosted a Welcome Home Brunch for those displaced by Hurricane Florence after Mass on September 8th.  A special thank you goes to Cheryl Partyka and her committee for all their work in planning and organizing this wonderful celebration!!





















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